What Primers & Paints Should Be Used for a Log House?


The main purpose of applying paint to the log house is to hide the ugly or irregular patterns noticed on them as well as to protect the wood. So we must try to understand the opacity of the paint that helps to hide the surface before placing an order for them.


The ability of the paint to sit on the surface or otherwise adhere to the surface is called as adhesion.

Splatter Resistance

Have you ever noticed that some small drops form on the surface of the wall or ceiling of your log house, wherever the paint is applied with rollers? This property of the paint to form droplets is called as the splatter resistance.

Stain Resistance

So far we have discussed more about stain resistance on various types of luster. What does that mean? The resistance it offers to paint most dirt and grime is called as the most stain resistant.

Dye Removal

We have explained above that certain types of luster are easy to clean. This flexibility offered by paint to remove stains is easily called the stain removal ability of the coating.

Resilience Scrub

Once painted, it should last a long time for years, at least until the entire log house or cabin is repainted. If the paint could maintain its natural color and does not show bright spots even after washing for a few times, then it is said to paint to have a high resistance to abrasion.

Now that you know the different qualities of paint for a log house, you should also know the different types of it depending on how it is made available on the market.

Water-Based Exterior

These types of paints are softer and also tend to be more flexible, thus allowing the paint to expand and contrast with different types of weathers such as hot and cold climates. These are best for outdoor use with its color retention ability, in addition to being very resistant to the spraying process.

Water-Based Interior

These are made of more resin to resist repetitive cleaning on the surface of the log house. They are very resistant to huge wear, but would be suffering with a capacity of low resistance to UV rays. So it does not go well with the exterior, but would be completely perfect for indoor use.

Water Based Enamels

In order to allow the subject to rest quietly, these types of paints are introduced into the market, so that they are applicable both inside and outside the log house. They have a high resistance against the nature of high UV absorption which makes them the best protection for inside and outside walls of the log house. The glazes are easier to clean and would also give low odor.